Sunday, August 16, 2009

Uhm. So. Can I stay forever?


It's funny because every time I sit down to blog I can't think of what to type. Because it's just typical everyday stuff and yet at the same time so amazingly awesome that I love it so so so much.

I know already that I will sob when I have to leave. And I know already that I'm coming back. I've waited my entire life to come here and now that I am here I am so completly madly in love with this place. And it's been 3 weeks already.

"Dear God, It's Lise here. Just a simple request. For the next five months could you please just make time go slower? Not enough to mess up the world or anything but enough to give me just that much more of this amazing country. Amen"

Every weekday I get up, eat bread with nutella (chocolate crack really) ride my bike to school, chill at school, eat lunch, do orientation, go home, do whatever, sleep.

Basically, it's life.

But a wonderful, wonderful life.

Some highlights:

We went on Wednesday to Tagebau Hambach with my host dad (he's the mayor). A tagebau is a huge coal pit, pretty neat stuff. I went to a birthday party, Catholic thingy celebrating Maria (not really sure what was going on, there was lots of crossing themselves!), a soccer tourny (two one I played in, one I handed tshirts to the winner-got in the paper because of that!), Annakirmes, Jülich, FYA, biking, eis, Indeman, motocross and not necessarily in that order! Tomorrow is our farewell party, Tuesday we go to Bonn and Köln, and Saturday I head off to Bad Harzburg.

The more I'm here the more I know God put me here for a reason, being here has made me rethink a lot of things and come to realize that the world is so much bigger. I am seriously considering going to University in Germany and perusing a degree in Theology. Just so many things going through my head right now. Got to get them straight!

And now for some pictures!
Crazy times at Annakirmes!
My Host Dad got to wave the finish line flag!
I never understood the point of this...Fearless Leader number 1- Sarah (Language Teacher)
Fearless leader number 2- Mathias (Orientation Teacher)
We are pretty dang cool if I do say so myself!
Those crazy Americans...

Bis dann!