Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To tide you over

I'm backed up again. I promise I'll update with everything- lots has happened! But that will take too long and I have college apps due. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be back on track with this blog. For now I went around my room taking pictures of stuff that I am doing/loving/just feel like sharing. Enjoy!

Why yes they DO indeed have trader joe's in deutschland. not the store. you can find this at aldi. what is this? fruity iced tea. amazingly good iced tea for that matter! bojangles watch out! and it's only 45 cents to boot. well 66.6 cents when you are talking exchange rate. and with 21% zucker (that's sugar for all you ignorant non germans) you can literally feel your teeth rotting while drinking it! and have I mentioned I've drunk almost 3 liters of the stuff in two days? I do have will power I promise...

This is what I do in math class when bored. Perhaps that is why I got a 9/60 equaling epic failure on my math test. we shall never know. anywhoo I tried. and at least it was in german!

this falls under stuff I like. I have four trash cans in my room and my host mom labeled all of them. the sad part? I'm still confused. immer.

no I did not take a picture of my shadow. it's of the radiator which supposedly heats rooms in germany. I'm not convinced yet. I think that I might petition to sleep on the floor next to the fire downstairs once it gets REALLY cold here. what? negative two degrees C isn't cold?!?! It's "fresh" as my host mom puts it.

this also falls under stuff I like. mmm radler. yes it is beer. not it is not crazy alcoholic. and yes it is yummy. but I'll be honest I only really like beer that doesn't taste like beer. :)

this book. rocks. love it. it's what I did on a four hour train ride home. (that's another story though)

alright signing off now-my hands are kinda twitchy- I really think I need to detox from that eis tee. seriously. I do have SOME self control. maybe.


ps. comments are nice. really nice in fact. they make me smile. wouldn't you like to make me smile today? :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Harzburg

Later in the day after we went to the border we went to the mountains, specifically to the on with the Harzburg (kinda a castle) and we rode the Burgbahn up and walked down... it was a long walk! And we took a wrong turn... oops! I got some amazing pictures and a great story to tell...

Sooo when I was back in the US I would day dream about Germany. Not expectations really, just wishing and wondering what life would be like. And my mind always drifted back to this one little specific dream. I would be standing on a mountain overlooking villages and seeing just rolling hills and other mountains and behind me would be an old castle and it would just be so Germany and perfect. Cute dream huh? IT HAPPENED.
Perfection. Wilkommen zu Deutschland.

Me living the dream.

The wall of the burg... crazy huge!

Again... with everyone!

Some monument to some guy... not really sure who. :)

On the way up... it was high!

Oh and Katherine if your reading this be jealous! No I didn't get to do it but I want too!

ps. I love my life.

die Grenze

Last weekend my host family and I went to the border (I live about five minutes away) and to a special museum talking about East Germany and the restrictions stuff. For example, you couldn't come with a 500 m radius without a blue stamp and a 5km radius without a red stamp or something like that. There were mines leading up to the border but the guards turned them off when it rained. Really interesting stuff. But I think pictures are worth more so here you go!

Entry to dugout beneath a former watch tower


Part of the border wall

It was all very interesting and kinda scary in a way. This isn't 100 years ago or something, up until very recently a country was divided within itself. It's very sobering and I'm glad I got to go see it.
ps. I also got a cool post card I'll take a picture of it before I send it and post it


So two? weeks ago I went to the Altstadtfest in Goslar. It was a lot of fun and we heard some really good bands and I ate Chinese food and ice cream. Yum yum. I also got told I look very German. WoHoo! Now I just need to sound it... On a side note the singer of this really good band was incredibly cute... oh my German boys... :D Okay picture time!

Yum. Eis! Lecker!

Well Rachel got cut out...

Marita and I!

It was really awesome because Goslar is such an old looking town. Very German-y. I had a lot of fun in particular dancing to... COTTEN EYED JOE! With Marita! haha great night. One of those perfect whyicameonexchange moments. Gotta love 'em.

ps-I think I like American Chinese food better than German Chinese food. :P

Stuff I do with my host family

So just for random things I've done with my host family... as a family have included going to soccer games and going to their Oma and Opa's house. I write those two thing in particular cause we seem to do both those a lot. Fine by me I have fun and get great pictures and videos! And Jonas is a pretty dang good soccer player!

This past weekend in particular we went to their Oma's birthday party, that was a lot of fun and let me tell you this family is crazy! Need proof?

Jens, Jonas, and Julius

Oh Lotte... that can't taste good (would you look at that face!)

Julius at a soccer game

Yeah mom this tastes awesome!

Silke with all the kids and Jens is just sitting there... haha

Julius and I!

Future goalie?

Hmmm you look a bit young for that!

And about two weeks ago I went shoe shopping with Marita. Seven euro shoes and a five euro wallet. I LOVE GERMANY!
My awesome new shoes. :)

ps-maybe germany is turning me more girly? :)

Swin Golfing

Is it golf? No.
Is it putt putt? No.
It's Swin Golfing! the best of both worlds!

So a couple of weeks ago my host dad took me swin golfing with Dave (American from Oregon) and another football player. It was a lot of fun but the highlight was when my host dad wacked the ball really good and everyone though it went so far that they couldn't see it... until I bursted their bubble by falling on the ground laughing because I had seen it go straight to the side into the river bank. yeah we couldn't find that ball. Then he hit another and couldn't find it. Guess who found it? ME! haha, I'm so awesome. It was just really funny.

Dave swin golfing...yep that's my purse he has on.

Ps. the club is super weird.

American Football

Nope I'm not talking about NCSU or the Packers. I'm talking about the Wernigerode Mountain Tigers.

For all the information you can go here: www.mountaintigers.de (auf deutsch natürlich)

My host dad is one of the coaches and likes American football a lot. My host brother plays flag football (ages seven to FOURTEEN!) and is kinda small compared to the others.

It was really funny! Jonas is number 86 and his finger is in his mouth (immer!)

It was an all day event starting with the flag football game and then leading to the Men's game. I was beat by the end of the day and I didn't even play! So here are some pictures from that day. :)

Jens being all coachey with a two players, the one with the black "hat" on is an American from California.

He get's a lil' bit into it...

They almost dumped the water on him... but didn't. Click on the picture for a close up!

Ps. they won! :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why hello there!

I'm the stranger invading your house for the next half year. And you are?

Let's just start off by putting out in the the open that I have the best host family ever. Hands down don't try to compete with me don't try to tell me different. Best. Ever. End of story.

Okay now that's out of the way here are some things we've done:

First day here I went to the Salz und Lichtfest (Salt and light festival) suprisingly enough... there were some pretty lights! And some pretty cute kids too!



The next day we went hiking in the mountains, less than a 10 min drive from my house.


And there were some fun rocks to play on.

I see you Jonas!

It was very nice day for a hike and on the way back I got a very cute photo.

Mama und ihre kinder

Then we ate at a Bavarian Restaurant... in the Harz mountains. No I'm not quite sure. But here are the kiddos.

Julius-ohhh can I poke it?

Okay now that's just silly.

I just couldn't resist. :)

Over the next few weeks I've gotten to know the fam and had tons of photo opps. More specific things in later posts. For now enjoy the cuteness!

Foto machen!

Melt your heart.

Laughter is the same in all languages.


Lotte und ich. Sehr süß!

I don't know if I can handle any more cuteness! Moving on to next update.

All good things must come to an end

Yes I do realize that this is over a month late.
I'll be spastically posting tonight to make up for my laziness.

Monday 5 weeks ago. Not sure the date we had our going away party. Then on that Saturday we all left to truly begin our grand adventure. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here we go.

The evening started off with an awesome mix of German/American food. (Rice Krispies brought by yours truly :)) And Paul got to grill with a beer. He was fairly pleased. I stuck to Cola.

And then us Americans decided to teach the Germans one of the best/most disgusting/terrible get to know you games.
Chubby Bunny.

Errr... you want me to do what???
Yes. Exactly.
I'm not sure about this...

A photo opp of course happened. With all the families and students getting together. Where's mine? I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure they had a good reason not to be there though...

Niederzier OSK 2009
And so we spent the rest of the week saying goodbye. First to Paul, then to Mathias, then to Ciara. And then Friday came. The big goodbye-I-hope-to-see-you-again-probably-never-will. My life is forever changed by these 11 amazing individuals. To think that I might have never came, might have never gone on exchange scares me. Because that month in Niederzier was one of my best ever. Full of confusion, laughs, jokes, and more. CHB and chubby bunnies. Because life is not about the moments you breathe... but the moments that take your breath away.

Best Teachers Ever
Markus, Carla, and me

The gang

So Saturday morning came and went and I was the lucky one who was able to travel with someone else. Casey and I traveled to Köln together before parting ways in the train station.

Me, Casey, Host Dad, and Casey's lil host bro

Picture of luggage while waiting for the train to Braunschweig

Deutsche Bahn. :)

Being able to travel by myself. Being able to speak German to the conductor. Connecting trains twice. If you had asked me before coming on exchange if I could've done that... I would've laughed at you. But one month in and I made it all the way to Braunschweig to my waiting host family. And I met a really nice guy on the train who helped me with my luggage. And I walked right past the sign my host brother was holding up for me. Oops...

Because with every end there is a new beginning.