Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To tide you over

I'm backed up again. I promise I'll update with everything- lots has happened! But that will take too long and I have college apps due. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be back on track with this blog. For now I went around my room taking pictures of stuff that I am doing/loving/just feel like sharing. Enjoy!

Why yes they DO indeed have trader joe's in deutschland. not the store. you can find this at aldi. what is this? fruity iced tea. amazingly good iced tea for that matter! bojangles watch out! and it's only 45 cents to boot. well 66.6 cents when you are talking exchange rate. and with 21% zucker (that's sugar for all you ignorant non germans) you can literally feel your teeth rotting while drinking it! and have I mentioned I've drunk almost 3 liters of the stuff in two days? I do have will power I promise...

This is what I do in math class when bored. Perhaps that is why I got a 9/60 equaling epic failure on my math test. we shall never know. anywhoo I tried. and at least it was in german!

this falls under stuff I like. I have four trash cans in my room and my host mom labeled all of them. the sad part? I'm still confused. immer.

no I did not take a picture of my shadow. it's of the radiator which supposedly heats rooms in germany. I'm not convinced yet. I think that I might petition to sleep on the floor next to the fire downstairs once it gets REALLY cold here. what? negative two degrees C isn't cold?!?! It's "fresh" as my host mom puts it.

this also falls under stuff I like. mmm radler. yes it is beer. not it is not crazy alcoholic. and yes it is yummy. but I'll be honest I only really like beer that doesn't taste like beer. :)

this book. rocks. love it. it's what I did on a four hour train ride home. (that's another story though)

alright signing off now-my hands are kinda twitchy- I really think I need to detox from that eis tee. seriously. I do have SOME self control. maybe.


ps. comments are nice. really nice in fact. they make me smile. wouldn't you like to make me smile today? :)