Tuesday, September 22, 2009

All good things must come to an end

Yes I do realize that this is over a month late.
I'll be spastically posting tonight to make up for my laziness.

Monday 5 weeks ago. Not sure the date we had our going away party. Then on that Saturday we all left to truly begin our grand adventure. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here we go.

The evening started off with an awesome mix of German/American food. (Rice Krispies brought by yours truly :)) And Paul got to grill with a beer. He was fairly pleased. I stuck to Cola.

And then us Americans decided to teach the Germans one of the best/most disgusting/terrible get to know you games.
Chubby Bunny.

Errr... you want me to do what???
Yes. Exactly.
I'm not sure about this...

A photo opp of course happened. With all the families and students getting together. Where's mine? I'm not sure, I'm pretty sure they had a good reason not to be there though...

Niederzier OSK 2009
And so we spent the rest of the week saying goodbye. First to Paul, then to Mathias, then to Ciara. And then Friday came. The big goodbye-I-hope-to-see-you-again-probably-never-will. My life is forever changed by these 11 amazing individuals. To think that I might have never came, might have never gone on exchange scares me. Because that month in Niederzier was one of my best ever. Full of confusion, laughs, jokes, and more. CHB and chubby bunnies. Because life is not about the moments you breathe... but the moments that take your breath away.

Best Teachers Ever
Markus, Carla, and me

The gang

So Saturday morning came and went and I was the lucky one who was able to travel with someone else. Casey and I traveled to Köln together before parting ways in the train station.

Me, Casey, Host Dad, and Casey's lil host bro

Picture of luggage while waiting for the train to Braunschweig

Deutsche Bahn. :)

Being able to travel by myself. Being able to speak German to the conductor. Connecting trains twice. If you had asked me before coming on exchange if I could've done that... I would've laughed at you. But one month in and I made it all the way to Braunschweig to my waiting host family. And I met a really nice guy on the train who helped me with my luggage. And I walked right past the sign my host brother was holding up for me. Oops...

Because with every end there is a new beginning.


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