Saturday, September 26, 2009

Swin Golfing

Is it golf? No.
Is it putt putt? No.
It's Swin Golfing! the best of both worlds!

So a couple of weeks ago my host dad took me swin golfing with Dave (American from Oregon) and another football player. It was a lot of fun but the highlight was when my host dad wacked the ball really good and everyone though it went so far that they couldn't see it... until I bursted their bubble by falling on the ground laughing because I had seen it go straight to the side into the river bank. yeah we couldn't find that ball. Then he hit another and couldn't find it. Guess who found it? ME! haha, I'm so awesome. It was just really funny.

Dave swin golfing...yep that's my purse he has on.

Ps. the club is super weird.

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