Friday, September 11, 2009

Bonn and Köln

So on the Tuesday of our last week of language camp our group ventured to the German History Museum in Bonn and then from there to Köln to walk around shopping and such.

The history museum was great but we didn't get to take pictures so I don't have any. But later on we ate lunch next to the Rhein River.

Gorgeous is a good word for it I would think!

And then from there we went to Köln. I had a great discussion with Mathias about spritual abuse in the Church and what the Bible says about it.

Once we got to Köln we were greeted with a breathtaking view of the Cathedral.

WARNING: Object in person is bigger than it appears!

After we toured the Dome we went to a bookshop next to it and Mathias showed me a Bible that most theologians in Germany use, and since mine is pretty much ruined from the bag soaking, I now own a German Bible! Now I just have to learn how to read it! :)

Die Bibel

We went to a English shop in Köln. Lucky Charms for TEN euro!!!! OUCH. But I did manage to secure some Dr.Pepper. Four Euro. But it was my comfort drink on the ride to Bad Harzburg so it was well worth it.

After that we all split up and I walked around with Sarah for two hours. No we weren't lost at all. Promise! :D But we did find that shop she wanted to and it was pretty cool! It was a shop were things from all over the world but normal everyday things... cups, plates, stuff like that.

And we met back up in front of the Cathedral to take the train back home. While Sarah and I were waiting we played with gummibären and I people stalked. :)

People Stalking is FUN!

And our journey ended back in Düren with saying Goodbye to Paul and the realization that our time was almost to an end. More on this in another post!


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  1. haha, yes and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!! We might be going to Munich this weekend... Steven's friends from his language class all want to go to Oktoberfest... should be interesting...

    Yes, i would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the company of another American girl!!!!!!!!