Saturday, September 26, 2009

Stuff I do with my host family

So just for random things I've done with my host family... as a family have included going to soccer games and going to their Oma and Opa's house. I write those two thing in particular cause we seem to do both those a lot. Fine by me I have fun and get great pictures and videos! And Jonas is a pretty dang good soccer player!

This past weekend in particular we went to their Oma's birthday party, that was a lot of fun and let me tell you this family is crazy! Need proof?

Jens, Jonas, and Julius

Oh Lotte... that can't taste good (would you look at that face!)

Julius at a soccer game

Yeah mom this tastes awesome!

Silke with all the kids and Jens is just sitting there... haha

Julius and I!

Future goalie?

Hmmm you look a bit young for that!

And about two weeks ago I went shoe shopping with Marita. Seven euro shoes and a five euro wallet. I LOVE GERMANY!
My awesome new shoes. :)

ps-maybe germany is turning me more girly? :)

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  1. you're talking about boys and you have a pair of converses with pink laces... unacceptable